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ROG5 A12 Update Review And Issue (Bug)

Rising Star I
I would be very happy if the ASUS team could take a look at this.
If there are any new glitches, I would appreciate it if you could comment on them.
(IMPORTANT: We will periodically update our review of bugs and usability.) Update 04/05/2022

List of Bugs by ZenTalk Community
1,WIFI signal is weaker than in A11.
2,Problem with heat generation and battery consumption, and excessive CPU clock drop due to heat generation.
3,Problem with some settings turning off by themselves.
4,Sudden reboot and very unstable operation
5,The problem of not being able to apply the A12 update in the first place.

List of problems I am experiencing with my ROG5s
1,When put to sleep during a game, it freezes at a high rate of probability and requires a forced reboot.
2,LED does not light up when notifications come in.
3,Performance becomes unstable even when set to X mode
4,Volume is too low when trying to listen to music via Bluetooth
5,AeroActive Cooler is sometimes not recognized.
Personal ROG5 Review
Overall there have been a lot of glitches since the update, but I believe the ASUS team is working on a fix for this issue.
I really liked the ROG5 until the sudden freezing issue, but I have been using it a little less often since this issue occurred.


Rising Star I
My New ROG Phone 5(s) Review after A12 .77 Update
Comparing the .67 and .77 updates of Android 12, the performance of the system UI has certainly improved after the .77 update, but as many have noted in the discussion, minor glitches and poor performance during gameplay have been left unfixed It seems to me that I personally hope that the ASUS team will reduce these glitches as much as possible.

Rising Star I
Maybe Fixed Bug and issue after .77 update
1,When put to sleep during a game, it freezes at a high rate of probability and requires a forced reboot.
2,Sudden reboot and very unstable operation
3,Optiflex not working

Rising Star II
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