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ROG Phone 5s Air trigger not working

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Asus ROG Phone 5s Air Trigger not working. Tried the steps like clearing cache, rebooting, Resetting the phone. Nothing worked. So went to ASUS service centre, they refixed the lower board which connected to Air Trigger. Then it works for few minutes then again it stops working. 2-3 time went to service centre for the same and no luck. Then changed the lower board and mother board, still after few minutes Air Trigger stops working. Is this software issue after Android 13?


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No, it doesn't look like a software issue. The cable connecting to the board must be coming off. You have to put a tape over it after seating it with the connection on the board. If you are giving it at service centre, tell them specifically to secure the connection by placing tape over it so that it wont come off.

Thanks for the reply. But service was done in authorized Asus service centre only. As i mentioned, they have refixed the board 2 times. They tested and its working fine. But when i checked by paying games, its not working after 2-3 mins. Then they changed the mother board itself and tried. again as part of their testing its working, but when i checked in the service centre itself by playing a game, it worked for 2-3 mins and again not working.

You can ask them to place a tape over the connector to put it in place after fixing. I got mine done in Asus service centre too. When the connector itself is getting dislodged, changing boards any number of times wont work. I had to tell them to put a tape over connector after securing it to the board and then it works fine  even after 6 months. It went to service centre 6 times before this. I think the connector is getting dislodged in your phone. 


Hello, Tried your suggestion. still not working. may be yours and mine are different issue. anyways thanks for your suggestion. most of the people reporting this issue as software. so hoping for the same. for me fingerprint also causing the issue