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Rog 5s Pro Totally dead

Star I

Im Rog5s pro user for 2  years. Here is the experience :-
1) Wifi Hotspot not working 1 day before warranty expire ( lucky me )
2) Volume Button Spoiled and repair cost me RM140 ( is fine )

3) On the 2nd year i charged my phone until 40% and it totally shut down and no longer can restart / charged / or force restart. ( Wtf? )

So my decision is I'm not going to waste my time to repair or send to Asus ,So  i decide not to support any ROG phones as your product is not stable and is cost RM5k for a gaming phone only lasted 2 years of lifespan. Just fyi i had a busy life, i only play mobile legend 4 times per week. Did not fully utilize ROG phone yet. If this is how your "pro" phone it is i suggest you just let go of this phone segment.  

Oh guys imagine if you are unlucky Motherboard is always an issue (after warranty expired) / Repair cost : Rm2k, So might as well get a another stable phone. save time / save trouble. 



We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please check the top right corner and kindly share the serial number and details requested in the PM inbox.
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Star II

Bro you are not unlucky. Their Mobile phones aren't worthy for use. They said they have beast but a 8k phone is still better than thear beast. From my advice you should buy a new and throw that ROG trash in bin