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Rog 5

Star I

Hi i have issues with my rog phone 5s pro 512gb my 65 watts charger doesn't seem to work and also the back light of my aero active cooler i cant control its color and the screen have lcd/led burn this phone is so high end but has low quality i hope you fix the issue the mic cant be accessed if i have the aero active cooler on because the voice quality is going to be worse



Hi @Backstrider 


Please try disconnecting the charger and then do the following:
1. Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup -> Clear chache files.
2. Long press Armoury Crate app icon -> App info -> Storage & cache -> Clear both.

(Step 2 will reset all your settings in Armoury Crate.)

Reboot your device and connect the AeroActive Cooler. If these steps don't work, there could be a hardware issue, so you should contact your nearest service center. Sorry for the inconvenience.