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Rog 5 wifi and hotspot showing error !

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After doing this update on rog 5,my wifi and hotspot stopped shows an error whenever i try to turn on it...And also i had some ghost images on my screen too...suddenly i contacted nearest service centre,as my warranty is about to expire within 2 days...they collected my device and changed the motherboard which cost around 34 k and changed the display which cost around 15 the total repair cost is 49 k,which is almost the same as the actual product price...
1.if someone does this update,out of warranty who will give the money to fix this problem?
2.As asus is a reputed company,which is making so many products like gaming lap,mobile and e.t.c
How can they be this much irresponsible to send an ott update without testing it?
3.As i see a lot of videos on youtube,A lot of devices got affected on this update...
Is this a strategy of asus to make money,maib they know this will create problem with motherboard...actually the people who is out of warranty will get fkdup,as the motherboard is so much costly...
4.After i got new motherboard...they downgraded my android 12 to android 11...its now showing the update of a12 and the same 31.0810.1226.91 again...i dont dont know what to do...if i update my device motherboard will get fkdup agin or what? As im now out of warranty..who is going to pay again?
Shame on you asus...this is really bad...


I will talk here specifically and not for everyone. In case you or any users have issues with Service, cost, post warranty any issues. It is being taken as they come and best possible service is being provided. If you are trying to update I would suggest you can, but worst case you come across any issue. Please let me know.

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As of out of warranty...if i do the update and something's gone wrong,who is going to pay for the motherboard again?

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hmm your warranty not expired when you came to SC right? not sure why they charged the repair cost.. just my silly Q

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