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ROG 5 One more chance of redemption but sadly they really trash the phone's performance.

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:ROG 5
Firmware Version:128
Rooted or not: NOT
Frequency of Occurrence: ALWAYS
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): GENSHIN IMPACT

So basically I Tried using my rog 5 phone again after 2 month after putting it in the cabinet because how much of a joke it is . Now I tried giving it another chance and update it to the latest firmware .128 "HOPING " at least they would finally fix the cpu clock issue when it comes to playing genshin impact but after updating it..... its even worst now so back to cabinet you go .... In the end for me ASUS doesn't even care, a lot people complaining about the CPU clock but we only got the silent treatment from the mods here regarding the issue. I know why they did this because of the overheating issue that would lead to a dead mother board, but I just can't understand why would they go this far of a downgrade.....
without recording I can at least maintain 30,40 to 50 fps high to med settings on the game .
but with recording during gameplay I' m lost for word
I tried every tunning for the phone the only best option is go to hardcore tunning and put it all on lvl 3
at least the cpu can maintain an average of 1.67 ghz to 1.42 ghz
unlike the the other tunning option which is xmode xmode + and advance tunning where the cpu can go up to 2.86 ghz jumping down to quickly to 800 ghz and going back again up to 2.86 ghz resulting to unstable fps , it's like a manual car from gear 6 forcing it to gear 1 or in other term your car is running smoothly but quickly hitting the breaks and applying gas again and vice versa .
I wouldn't even bother buying the rog 6 or pro version of it and it's better to buy a poco x4 pro gt which is my main gaming phone now on genshin impact and I gotta say it's super butter smooth even if the phone update it still keeping its performance,
Right now the rog 6 is running smoothly but in the coming months or so in every update they would trash the performance of the phone like how they did on the rog 5.
This would be my first and last phone on asus because how many times I went to the service center because how it keeps dying on me without doing anything wrong and how much of a downgrade it went on the first release performance .
so thank you ASUS for the experience of how much of a joke your phone department is .
and also when you try advertising your rog phone pls don't benchmark genshin impact Like this
because your phone can't really deliver on the long term.


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Right now the rog 6 is running smoothly but in the coming months or so in every update they would trash the performance of the phone like how they did on the rog 5.

You sure about that?

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Ohhh it's much sooner than I expect I'm not even Surprise at this point 😛
All I can say is

Bravo asus bravo 👏👏👏

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