Device trotles at 40c at v163 Please return Thermal config from V134

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog6 C
  2. Firmware Version: 163
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): 3Dmark extreme stress test

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


@Danishblunt do you see that asus again ?

with fan cooler

with thermal config from version of software 134

and some times its fryes the battery on 163 firmware and almoust not trotle without fan

plz return the V 134 Thermal config to the next firmware update of rog 6


  • TROTLES AT 40/42C ??? with funcooler

  • I already called this way before. Why are you acting surprised?

  • It never ceases to amaze me when I literally tell you guys whats going to happen and you all go piokachuface when it actually happens.

  • yeah so? They pulled the same crap on the Rog5. Forget them changing the thermal config, they did this to stop the phones from dying, and they will honestly still die. Just wait until it shuts down and you can't turn it on again.

    Then ask yourself why the fk u didnt listen and went ahead and purchased that turd of a phone because the logicboard repair will cost 70% of what you paid for the phone.

    I give you guys enough warnings, I literally tell you whats going to happen but if you keep ignoring me, then at least have the decency to stop complaining and acting surprised, you have all been warned and informed yet you refused to listen.

  • @FunBike31 ASUS at it again, guess the dying Rog6 phones from china make them nervous. Lets see how far they will throttle the "gaming" phone.

  • I said last week that the R&D department wanted the death of ASUS with the .160 firmware, it was not in derision, the .163 fixes a problem on xx (so many) and above all BLOCKING without a workaround that it's incomprehensible. it is exactly as if an employee sabotages the work and there is no control after him.

    A bug fixed?

    Fixed issue with AeroActive Cooler 6 button presses occasionally not being recognized

    New, temperature limit lowered, same as rog 5

    Low wifi (-50-60%), Ping +80-90% compared with same and lower range devices (same users/network) with multiple phones

    Random reboot several times a day - at least one of the cases identified, moving when the mobile signal changes

    Loss of Mobile configuration (APN) .160 & .163, the bug with .160 impacted Orange France, the .163 also impacts other parts of the world!!!!

    Aero cooler 6, disconnection/reconnection, temp display!!! 111°!!!! fortunately, AeroCooler software update notification while gaming, configured mode does not match, variable fan for no reason.

    USB adapter, frequent disconnection, Kunai 3 same USB problem

    I pass of course, just blocking bugs

  • So today 3dMark get a update and i make few test in the updated wild life extreme stress test

    This test are made in norma outside temperature whitout any cooler whit the newest firmware .163

    And in the end i can say the stability has drop whit 4.8% ..... In firmware .160 i have few test and there i get 89% stability

    Read everything between the photo's

    Test 1 whit firmware .163

    Test 2 whit firmware .163

    Test 3 whit firmware .160 and older version on the 3dMark . Most important thing gere is stability in %

    So in the end maybe the thermall limit is not smaller but the performance are not better and more stable

    I also make a antutu benchmarwhit software 1.63 and i dont see big difference there and maybe this is becouse the phone cant get so hot

    Also for your post i am not so sure why you have so bad results in home i have aero active cooler 6 and i have black shark fun cooler version 1 i can make 2 more test whit them and upload the results here but this will be tomorrow

  • with 134 there was 99% stability we are in rog 6 group tested the 134 config on 163 firmware and its got back the the 99% stability in 3dwild life extreme

    but need root phone that i wont do until the warenty gone

  • Note that you wil kill your phone much faster by copying the thermal profile of the 134. Asus has done this because of dying Rog6 phones same as they did on the Rog5.

    So feel free to accelerate the death of the Rog6 so you can cry later about it here wondering how it could possibly happen.

    At this point I wonder what the average IQ of a Rog6 buyer is.

  • 165 update trotles at 37c

    @Gustav_ASUS can you check this

  • Gustav isnt working as a mod anymore, youll need to tag our beloved @Mattias_ASUS

  • I really appreciate that u have commented about throttling issue with latest rog 6 update bcz we all face same issue ... With 134 thermal config was really good as far as i remember

  • I hope they fixed it its shoodnt trotles if you use cooler with the phone its ok to trotle if no cooler

    Its not good trotle at 37-40c 20%

    Need start slight at45c then more heavy at at47c it's trotle ranomaly need some one test with theirown cooler

  • Forget it, they will only nerf it harder or leave it as it is now. Rog5 users have been complaining for a year now and all they got was silence.

    ASUS as deemed its neccecary to throttle it at those temps because otherwise the phone will die. end of story. If you don't like it, then sell the phone, it's seriously that simple.

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