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Rog 5 not receiving update

Star I

Rog 5

Android 11

Not rooted

My phone is a ROG 5 Tencent version with global rom which I bought from AMazon. How to update coz im still on Android 11? Please help


Star I

I appreciate your guidance, and I've followed the steps you provided, including attempting a manual update. However, despite these efforts, my ROG 5 Tencent version remains on Android 11 with the software version 18.0840.2103.26. I've ensured a stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the process. Unfortunately, I have not received any updates.

Considering this, I'm considering performing a factory reset as you suggested, although I want to be cautious about potential data loss. Before proceeding, I wanted to seek your advice on any alternative solutions or additional steps that might be taken to initiate the update successfully. If there's no alternative, I'll reach out to customer support as you recommended. Your assistance in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Star I

I understand that despite multiple attempts, including downloading the manual update, you have not been successful in upgrading your Android version from 11. Your current software version is 18.0840.2103.26, and you are seeking assistance. To troubleshoot the issue, start by checking for updates in your device settings, ensuring a stable Wi-Fi connection, and clearing the cache partition. If these steps do not resolve the problem, consider a factory reset after backing up your data. Additionally, reach out to the customer support of your device's manufacturer and check for any carrier restrictions that might be affecting the update process. Keep in mind that update availability can vary based on region, carrier, and device model. If the issue persists, contacting manufacturer support or your carrier's customer service for personalized assistance is recommended.