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ROG 5 is fastboot mode when I press power button.

Star I

ROG 5 is fastboot mode when I press power button. It not start hang on fastboot mode.even I try to recovery via fastboot also not go to recovery, only fastboot mode.

fastboot oem system-info

(bootloader) board_info: lahaina
(bootloader) mem_info: 16GB
(bootloader) cpu_freq: 2.84GHz
(bootloader) product_name: ASUS_I005_1
(bootloader) product_carrier:
(bootloader) csc_build_version: WW_ZS673KS_18.0810.2101.95
(bootloader) bt_mac: FC34973F3FF5
(bootloader) wifi_mac: FC34973EA3B5
(bootloader) wifi_mac_2: FC34973EF1D5
(bootloader) imei:
(bootloader) imei2:
(bootloader) ssn: M2AIKN05U599YWB
(bootloader) isn: ZS55121304A00342
(bootloader) color: 1A
(bootloader) country: WW
(bootloader) customer: ASUS
(bootloader) ufs:
(bootloader) setupwizard: false
(bootloader) toolid_check: true
OKAY [ 0.068s]

fastboot oem device-info
(bootloader) Verity mode: true
(bootloader) Device unlocked: false
(bootloader) Device critical unlocked: false
(bootloader) Charger screen enabled: true
(bootloader) Device authorized: false
(bootloader) Device authorized2: false
(bootloader) WaterMask unlock: N
(bootloader) XBL: Post-CS3-24-ZS673KS-user
(bootloader) ABL: Post-CS3-21-WW-user
(bootloader) SSN: M2AIKN05U599YWB
(bootloader) ISN: ZS55121304A00342
(bootloader) IMEI:
(bootloader) IMEI2:
(bootloader) CID: ASUS
(bootloader) COUNTRY: WW
(bootloader) Project: ZS673KS
(bootloader) DT ID: 100
(bootloader) Feature ID: 0 (101-AB-SM8350_ES2)
(bootloader) JTAG ID: 5 (0x301350E1)
(bootloader) SB: Y
(bootloader) SBNR: Y
(bootloader) DDR Manufacturer ID: 1
(bootloader) DDR Device Type: 8
(bootloader) TotalDMCounter: 1
(bootloader) DMCounter: 1
(bootloader) SlotARetryCounter: 0
(bootloader) SlotAUnbootableCounter: 0
(bootloader) SlotBRetryCounter: 0
(bootloader) SlotBUnbootableCounter: 0
(bootloader) BOOT_COUNT: 1955
(bootloader) LOCK_COUNT: 1
(bootloader) Check_APDP: 0
(bootloader) rawdump_en: false
(bootloader) Current Slot: a
(bootloader) Slot_a bootable: Unbootable
(bootloader) AVB Verity: Enable
(bootloader) Verify vbmeta ret: 0
(bootloader) ABL_FTM: FALSE
(bootloader) SNAPSHOT-UPDATE-STATUS: none
OKAY [ 0.158s]

what is the problem. Can you please advice me






Star I

Dear Bro.


Do you have any way to fix this.



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Community Manager
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