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ROG 5 Faulty Parts

Star II
  1. Model Name: Asus ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version: not known
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: very often

ISSUE reported by me: Top Speaker not working, frequent sim detection issues.

In all my tenure of using this mobile phone with Serial Number : M3AIGF004159***, I took phone to service center for a total of 3 times and and now this last time I am so frustrated that it has been 20 days since I sent my phone for repair and Asus team is not able to find the root cause, they found issues in LED, then in Motherboard, then in Connecting pins, and what not.... they just can not resolve the issue, its sheer failure of Asus as a company, making gaming phones that cant even perform normal daily tasks leave alone the games.....
RMA no. : INIZR50***
they ordered one part on 3/6/23, another part on 7/6/23, then another part on 12/6/23, then another part on 13/6/23 and now the latest update is they ordered one more part on 17/6/23 for which they are waiting to receive.

If it is taking so many parts to be replaced, why not just replace the phone for 49,999/- and be done with it, as per the rates of the parts you have already spent like more than 80,000/- on the replacement and repairs of spare parts.
First two times also when I took the phone for repairing the motherboard was replaced.

Take the issue in your cognizance and resolve the issue at the earliest, replace the product and be done with it for once and all, because I have lost faith that my phone can ever be fully repaired.

Mark this as priority and raise the issue with concerned authority.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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