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Rog 5 a12 themes

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Hey Asus team, you guys are always saying put the a12 theme engine request in ideas for next forum we will adapt it if enough people request for it....i see so many Rog 5 users in ideas for next forum requesting a12 theme engine....but u guys are not looking to after a12 update the Google apps are visibling ugly with greensih accent and tints in background and Asus ui is having another accent colors as per themes....this is inconsistent and looks ugly....we want a12 theme engine to be available on Rog 5...
Instead of asking us to put it in ideas for next as u are saying for a long time....create an official post with a poll asking if u need a12 theme engine yes or will see 90% of Rog t users selecting yes...this way u will know the truth ..
Seriously after a12 update the phones ugliest looking with various accent colors and inconsistent

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any updates about the monet implantation from asus?

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Not yet bro..still waiting for their response

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Rog 6 is on the horizon, a recent update gave a popup for a new set of themes released in the theme store. I have a feeling they're not gonna give us the monet colours or any other improvements regarding the theme store

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