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Star II

Hi Team,

Recently I did factory reset on my ROG5S when I try to apply my previous purchased themes it ask me to pay for theme, I can only see the Asphalt theme download but othere themes which I purchased like Mechanic chrome and cyber fantasy by pixel jeff themes asking to purchase it again.

Phone:ROG 5S

Firmware: I do not see the firmware number under hardware information.

Non rooted

Themes: Mechanic chrome and Cyber fantasy by pixel jeff

Please check and advise.







Zen Master I

If you say you've bought those products, you need to claim in the Google store, not here. 

Did you buy it with another Google Account? 

I bought those themes long back with the same account I'm connected with Asus. I'm not sure about the claim option you are referring too.

Check the below screenshota I have the Asphalt theme already downloaded on my device and the account which I bought way before the above themes why it shows apply and the other themes show me 190₹ (Indian currency)  and when I tap on 190 it ask me to make the payment.. 




Because in your screenshots you can clearly see Google Play, which is the Asus platform where you can buy those topics and be able to pay for them.

Your catches:



Hey tochmi,

I'm sure you don't know how the Google Play Store purchases works..

Explain me this if I purchase a theme from the Play Store which is linked to my Asus account it should be a one time purchase correct?

If I reset my device or due to some unknown error all my data is gone but in the back those themes should be readyly available to install on my account correct as I already purchased them correct?

Please don't speak like a customer support agent who isn't qualify to answer my question.

Understand, these themes are onetime purchase, once I purchase a theme it stays in my account.

I suggest you to make theme purchase from play Store and then reset your device and link you account Im sure once you link your account you should be able to see those themes.

Thanks for the help 

Is anyone able to answer my query...