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No updates for Rog phone 5s since 33.0210.0210.235.

Star II

Model Name: Rog phone 5s

Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.235

Rooted or not: Not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: Not Applicable

It has been a long time but Asus is not releasing any updates since last version 33.0210.0210.235. Security update is still of 05 July, 23 whereas most other brand phones started getting November update. Please release latest updates for Rog phone 5s too. 


Not applicable

I cant find info about update waves for the 3th year

Asus say you become 2 year major updates. This is done for your device

Only security Patches for 4years but its no info about roll out Frequenz.

Sry cant say Something

My feeling say 6 month rollout wave

Its a old device now 2years +



Star III

They will not release new update, since ROG Phone 8 just got teased. The developers surely will focus on that phone. So good luck to us who had ROG Phone 5/5s.