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My Rog 5 after last two updates

Star I

After the update before last, phone suddenly restarted and wifi no longer functioned. The wifi chip was most likely fried.

After the last update, phone speakers no longer worked.

In short, if your rog 5 is working fine, don't update.



Based on your description, we recommend contacting the service center in your location to arrange for the repair of your mobile phone. If possible, please provide the serial number of your phone via PM to confirm the product warranty first. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
[Zenfone/Pad] Where to find the product S/N (Serial Number)?

Thanks for the reply, but I bought the rog 5 two years ago and I did check on asus website to see warranty had expired exactly one year after. I couldn't bother investing more seeing there were so many problems and simply bought a new phone.

My post was meant to be a PSA only.

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my ROG 5 was working fine but I updated, and now it is dead lol.

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Pretty sure this one needs motherboard replacement like mine. Now it feels like ASUS is intentionally bricking RoG phones particularly 5 and 6 with there new update. Think twice before updating your ROG phone/s