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My phone can't make any sound

Star I

Model Name: rog phone 5s

Firmware Version: ww_31.0810.1226.128

Rooted or not: not

Frequency of Occurrence: always 

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): every app including calls

I'm just finished charging my phone after playing game and when i open my phone again and play a video on YouTube the audio is gone but when i connected to Bluetooth earphones it working just fine, i tried everything i could like turn off the mono audio, restart phone and turn on safe mode, everything seem to not working please help me, i don't want everytime i answer a call i need to use earphone @Titan_ASUS 


Rising Star II

The video you've uploaded is working fine with sound, so i guess your phone speakers are not working or having issues. One of my rog phone 5 also having speaker problem it's sound got too low even with outdoor mode ON and with full volume. I even compared it toy other rog phone 5 speaker. It not even sounding half loud in comparison to the phone working fine.