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My Asus Rog 5 suddenly shut down and has not started again despite many trials.

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I bought Asus Rog5 with excessive cost like AED 4000+ and it was working normally until today morning suddenly shut down a did not start again.

I tried in many ways and followed some instructions, but unfortunately the phone is dead.

How can you help me out with this problem?

Thank you




Actuapply warranty expired.

Please advise the location of your Service Centre and the cost for changing the moather board of my Asus Rog5s. Also the location and contact number?

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Hi, warranty expired.

I'd like to send my phone to your service centre and have the motherboard replaced.

Please advise location, contact number and cost for th repair?

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Or do you have any pickup and delivery service available in town?

Please let me know

I'm not affiliated with Asus. I'm just another user like you who faced this problem before.

You can check local service centre on Google based on your area

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Replace your motherboard is the only solution

Which cost is the same like brand new phone