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Long-Time ASUS Customer's Dissatisfaction

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Hello ASUS Community,


I am writing as a long-time ASUS customer who has invested in multiple ASUS devices over the years. Sadly, my recent experiences have left me deeply dissatisfied, and I feel compelled to share my frustrations.


I have purchased more than one device from ASUS in the past, believing in the quality and reliability of your products. However, recent events have shattered my trust in ASUS.


A few months ago, I sent one of my ASUS devices in for warranty service due to issues I encountered. To my dismay, despite the valid warranty claim, ASUS refused to repair the device. Even more disheartening was the fact that when I finally received my device back, it had been downgraded from Android 13 to Android 12. My attempts to update it back to Android 13 have been fruitless.


What's even more distressing is the lack of response and support from ASUS regarding my concerns. After posting on the ASUS community forum and providing the requested information, I have received no assistance or even a response for three weeks.


To make matters worse, my device's SIM card reader has now malfunctioned again, leaving me with multiple ASUS devices that are far from the quality and support I had come to expect.


As a loyal ASUS customer who has invested in your brand on multiple occasions, I am not just disappointed; I am deeply frustrated and disheartened by the lack of support and the decreasing quality of your products. This experience has made me question my loyalty to ASUS.


I sincerely hope that someone from ASUS can address these issues and restore my faith in your brand, as I believe in giving companies the opportunity to make amends. Otherwise, I may be forced to reconsider my choice of devices and the brands I support.




A Frustrated Long-Time ASUS Customer



If you have any concerns or questions regarding the repair, I have messaged you. Please provide your product serial number through the message for further confirmation.
As for the system update issue, please refer to the following FAQ and try updating again.
[Phone] How to update firmware on my phone?
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hello ASUS Support Team,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate your willingness to assist, but I feel it's crucial to provide you with more information regarding my situation.

The phone in question, which I sent in for warranty service, was not repaired at all. The reason given for not addressing the software issue was that the backcase of the phone was supposedly "deformed." I must clarify that this "deformation" was present long before the problems I encountered even began.

The issue I faced is primarily a software problem, resulting in my phone being downgraded from Android 13 to Android 12 after it was sent in for warranty service. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to update it back to Android 13.

To help you further confirm my case, I have included the product serial number: M9AIKN0******* .

I hope this additional information clarifies the situation. I look forward to your response and a resolution to the software issue that my phone is experiencing.


I have checked the repair records, and indeed, there is a record of the screen being bent.
If there is a screen bending issue, the repair personnel will indeed inform you that it is a CID (Customer-Induced Damage) condition.
Since we cannot confirm the actual condition of your phone, if you still have doubts, we recommend sending it in for repair again. After the repair, please notify me, and I will once again request the local service team to check your case.

Regarding the system update issue, may I know the current firmware version you are using? 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

That is not true, the screen is not bent at all, the deformation we were talking about is at the back which had no impact at the screen itself and the problems appeared way later than that small deformation exists and also after they sent it back the phone was apparently opened and now you can easily open the back with your bare hands which obviously didn't make me happy at all. Regarding the software I somehow got a notification from my phone a couple days ago where I finally could update to android 13 so that's an issue less but still I'm unhappy about the provided repair service.