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Key mapping without the "Asus professional dock"

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Some time ago I got the ROG Phone 5, great phone overall, but I wanted to connect a keyboard and mouse to play an RPG on a big screen.

My keyboard and mouse were detected without issues, but to my surprise I could not find the key mapping option that I had in the previous ROG phone models, and in my Lenovo duel.

I tried all my adapters and docking stations to see if maybe I will get it to work but unfortunately I had no luck. (And trust me I have a lot of those: 3 different models of dell docking stations, Lenovo dock, dell mobile adapters, Microsoft mobile adapters etc)

I started to look for a solution online, and found out that the key mapping is only available when I'm connecting the accessories through the original "Asus professional dock".

I searched everywhere and you can't even buy it, as it's discontinued - I couldn't even find a used one for sale!

So is there any way to unlock this function for other docks? Am I missing something here? It worked without issues on my previous ROG phones (there were dedicated docking station for those too, but it was not required as it worked with anything)

Will any other Asus dock allow me to use the key mapping function? Like the Asus Universal dock, SimPro Dock?

Is there any chance to contact someone from Asus to suggest a change in the software to allow third party docks to be used (or any other Asus docks that are actually available) - as it's really awfull to lock a function behind an accessory that I can't even buy!:fire::fire::fire:

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Leave it grand pa.. Just enjoy your Rog 5 and see you soon in another post

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ASUS docks do support the keymapping feature.
The feature for 3rd party docks has been requested but at the moment I have no news to share.
Also, I'm closing the thread due to toxicity against other users.