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Its is second time when ASUS don't release firmware for 2 month in a row and more

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Where is security patches? Phone in perfect software condition and nothing must be fixed?(Sarcasm)
Why devs didnt add airtrigger support in camera app? Touch right/left trigger and make photo/rec video.
Why there is still no guide from Asus for tuning HW in Armory Crate? Even google dont know some things.
When aircooler 6 will arrive for 5 series rogs?
Would be there a beta A13 for ROG 5?


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Using physical buttons for the camera (or programmable) is so obvious that all your competitors with one or more buttons do it.
I don't know if it's a great idea, just a rather must-have feature and it's been in demand for a long time, here are the links below

This is the first thing I wanted to do when I got my Rog 5, put the camera in Armory Create and configure Right Air Trigger for photo trigger, Left for Video or photo modes advanced setting, unfortunately it is unable to add ASUS Camera in Armory Create
@ChillyRide it must be possible with photo software from the playstore

Here are the current requests for this feature

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