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Google Pay nfc won't work?

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Am I the only one? What do I do? 

NFC is on, app is opened, card is freshly added, latest Android 12. 


Yes. 146

G wallet also latest 

This started around new year 

Newer had issues with nfc before 

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If you don't see the NFC setting, your phone doesn't have NFC. You won't be able to use contactless payments.
Turn on NFC (Near Field Communication)
Open your phone's Settings app.
Tap Connected devices Connection preferences. NFC.
Turn on Use NFC.




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Nfc patent doesnt worki, I approach the smartphone to the terminal and nothing  reacts, on some terminals the message "use only one card" pops up. Strange, I only have one card connected to GPay, everything worked on previous phone. I use Android 13. I've tried everything, the latest firmware and updates have been uploaded, zenfone has just returned from the warranty, the nfc antena has been replaced with a new one and the problem still remains. Isn't this a problem with Twin apps feature? But i don't have this feature enabled on either the banking app or Google Wallet. Request for help

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