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Downgrade rog phone 5 for better speakers quality

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Hello. I want to know if its possible to downgrade the rog 5 to any firmeware ? I was to downgrade from Android 13 to Android 11 because i find the firmeware on internet but its the latest version of Android 11 (231), and i want the .86 or .56 because it was the best for speakers quality (read it on this forum). The speakers doesn t sound that good and i really want to have the speakers how they supposed to be. I find the firmeware on the web but if wont downgrade when i put them on internal storage it doesnt détect it for downgrade, Is that a way for doing that ? Or its impossible ? I pass from Android 13 to 11 so i don t know about Android 12, does it have good sound quality ?


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ASUS downgraded the speakers to prevent them from blowing up.

So rog 5 speakers cannont be that good, rog 6 speakers are trash, rog 7 isnt that much better, one of the particularity of rog phone is superior speakers but it seems to be a lie. i swear i have a motorola with better speakers than my rog 5 and 6. 

I modified the Rog3 to be louder and better sounding than the Rog5,6 and 7. Despite that it gets obliterated by my sony, it's not even close lmao. While the Rog3 has more bass, the sony has far far far better clearity, better mids and is much louder.

if you want a smartphone with best speakers get xiaomi black shark 5.

Sony might be expensive but the build quality is top-tier, at least to me. Even my first Android device-Xperia Ray is still functioning today (except it stuck with 4.0).