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Don't buy any ASUS product

Star II

Asus company just trying to earn money by just selling their products. They dont even know that how useless their products are, worst service ever. i already contacts to my nearest service centre and gave my phone more than 3 times and everytime I just complain them about "auto power on/off problem" and "overheating problem" but they didn't ever tried to fix it. And now this time my phone just got off and now it just got dead but I can't do anything because I know if this time I just go to service centre they will charge huge amount from me. My 50k just got wasted. I will never use any product of Asus and also not gonna recommend to any one. ASUS SUCKS. JUST A MONEY WASTE PRODUCTS. 


Rising Star I

That's mean you buy without research anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yup bro, it was a bad choice 


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