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Consumer lawsuit against ASUS for update 31.0810.1226.128 which stopped the wifi from working

Star III
Anyone else have their wifi not work after an update from ASUS for their ROG 5S phone?
Why do we have to pay for repairs if it is ASUS's fault for pushing an update with known issue?
They will tell you all the bullshit troubleshooting steps like restart/ format, etc. and we have to go to service center who won't even understand the problem and charge for the phone repair + Take weeks to get back. Anyone else facing this issue please contact me, I am getting my lawyer to draft a complaint to consumer court in India and also let's see how we can force them to rectify this. Absolute bad testing team they have.

I had a Lamborghini Asus laptop, motherboard got fried twice, had to wait 1 month for replacement in 2008. I have Asus ROG dual screen laptop right now, its only 1.5 years old and the 'S' key stopped working due to heating issue. It only works when the laptop is hot. Like what shoddy work is that. I am never getting ASUS or recommending expensive ASUS products to anyone ever again.

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