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Charging issue

Mobile is not charging with USB A to USB C data cable after the latest update. Before the last update the device was charging with all the cable but after after the update I am not able to charge my device at Powerbank, other charger and not ever able to connect my device to Android Auto.

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Is your device not charging or the port itself is not working?
Have you tried with the side USB port?
Run an SMMI test and select AC charging test to also verify if it's related to Hardware.
How to Enter SMMI_TEST (test hardware)
Go to Calculator=>type " .12345+= "
you will be entered to SMMI_TEST

This is the result when charging from main port.

It is charging from side port but not from the main port

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The main port show charging sign but doesn't charge

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Lol, don't worry, it's just been reported for several months, no response here, luckily a Chinese user reported it in the Chinese section of Zentalk too.
In summary, this is a problem with PD/PPS chargers and it affected both USB ports (bottom and side)
Asus said they fixed it, which is true for 50% of the problem
The bottom port is still affected, the side port is finally working (on Android 11, version 229 and 231)
The file is still open but no news since March 22
Here is the message if you want to follow, if you don't speak Chinese, from a PC with Google translation it's understandable. If in doubt, I call on one of my sons 🙂 #latest