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BGMI lagg

Star III

After repairing my phone is not working properly games are lagging and heats up too much. Processor speed has decreased to 1.30 only in xmode also. Are they using duplicate parts while changing motherboard?? My phone was dead on October and was in warranty so they repaired free of cost after that getting so many issues. I thought it will get fixed after few updates so waited but till now it's same. Hey Asus can you replace my phone with new one coz it's hard earned money and you guys are taking it by giving us this type of gaming phone. Normal phone with sd888 works better then this as I have iq 9 and bgmi and other games works smooth like butter without any so called XMode.



Star III

Bro this phone is totally waste of money I purchased 5s after 8 months of usage wifi stopped and they replaced mother board it happened recently and from last two days game is lagging a lot in my device also ....

Bro finally got some relief set ur setting like this from armoury and play game from armoury it solve 90%my issue.let me know ok about urs 


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Community Manager
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