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Battery Draining Horribly in Android 13.

Rising Star I

After updating to Android 13, my phone's battery giving out put of 4 hours screen time only, i have factory reset the device 2 to 3 times but still having the same issue, this issue was less in Android 12 and 11. Team of the Asus company please consider this post and do work on battery optimisation. Mobile network draining battery too fast. Please optimise



Star I

Just figured out something very interesting and the cause of this battery drain.

Noe that I remember, this issue started the exact day when my mobile data plan ended. 

I have 2 sim cards one with an internet plan and another without. If I put the sim without an internet plan, by going to "Settings - system - about phone - status - sim status", I could see the system keep connecting and disconnecting which causes this massive overheating and battery drain. As soon as I inserted or switched the internet service to the other sim card with an active internet plan the system says just connected.

I've been testing this in the last hours and the battery drain problem is completely fixed.

Now, why in the world should asus bother if my phone has a data plan or not?

 Now that you know the issue, could you hurry up and fix this demency? 

Yes you are absolutely right, this is what happening in Android 13. They need to fix this. We are paying so much money to get the best results from the handset. But they are just busy in making money from customers and forcing them to buy new models because of old phones bad updates.

Rising Star I


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