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Automatic reset when fan is connected

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My new ROG 5S make resets when fan is connected. I understand that problem was fixed in firmware .192 My current firmware is: .186, but I cannot make update because "system is updated".
Please advise.

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Your Rog5S would not be a Tencent model that the seller will have put in global rom, this is the most frequent case when the device does not find the updates.
The localization may be in question if you are in a country where the Rog 5s is not sold.
Anyway, it's a good thing because in .192 it will also offer you the Android 12 suite
connect to wifi and download update WW-18.1220.2201.192
when it's finished, go to the file manager and move it to the root, it'll find it and offer you to update then reboot.
Attention, in 192, if the OTA system has become functional again, it will offer you an update which will be Android 12, it's up to you, for my part I advise you to redo a manual download with the latest android 11 version, WW-18.1220 .2202.206, you do the manipulations you did for the .192

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Thanks for solution. The problem is fixed!

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