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Australian ASUS Phone Users TAKE NOTE!

Star II

1: ROG Phone 5S (ASUS_I005DTC)

2: Final

3: Not Rooted 

4: It doesn't occured anymore



GREAT NEWS. So after chasing answers and getting so many conflicting and confusing answers to everything about this subject: my phone is now living proved that ASUS ROG Phone 5 can use VoLTE on Vodafone network. I wearily just switched over and it's for real. The agent mentioned that Optus and Telstra will also allow ASUS phones to use VoLTE but I think it's only for later models? Hard to tell from the email I got. Regardless, Vodafone is a definite go. If you're worried about the 3G towers shutdown - worry no more (as long as you have no Quam with Vodafone). This has been a weeks long debacle for me, and finally I feel a weight has been lifted for me. =,)