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Asus ROG5s

Star II

Not working my air trigger some times working but mostly not working please help me to fix it


Star II

This is the issue of Asus ROG phone?

Hey @JUDE2507 


You didn't mention any troubleshooting steps you've done or what firmware you're on. Please try to update to the latest version and also clear the cache:


Go to settings => Apps => Clear cache and storage of Armory crate and AirTriggers.


Thank you!

I try clear my cache and stroge of armory creator it's not working. Armory settings or air trigger I open but not working any more 😔

Thankyou for your suggestion but it's not working. Any air trigger of my phone it's not working I open in the settings and armory it's so sad this is the problem of Asus 😔😔