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Asus Rog Phone 5s can't update.

Star I

Hello, I already had Android 13 on my phone like 2 months ago, but after I sent the phone to warranty, they didn't want to fix it on the warranty, and when I got it back, it only had Android 12, and I can't update it either from the phone or the official website.



May I know the firmware version number you are currently using? 

I cant find it in the phone settings only 2 Things that may be usefull instead that i found are the Baseband version and the Build number. 

Star III

DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! This update has a bug that will kill, probably your  phone motherboard.

I updated mine like 3 days ago then. It died now, after updating I noticed that my phone battery would display abnormal percentage. ex 70% then I idle it for an hour then it goes to 85% after I use it a few minutes it goes back to 70%.  My phone just died after 3 years

I Heard a lot of Things like that also bc my airtriggers dont work anymore but i already had that android version like a month or two ago and worked just fine and after getting it back from the repair Service it had android 12 and i dont get any Option to Update it back to 13.