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Asus rog phone 5s audio volume is floating with amps.

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Asus rog phone 5s 8/128 global version. I have problem with audio output changing mode between 1Vrms and 2Vrms with connected to amplifiers. This asus should have manual options for switching high impedance and low impedance mode for headphones. If it connected with any amplifier then phone with volume set about 50% changing output volume trying to set proper voltage mode. ZTE axon 7 had it manually and was fine for experienced users.

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No chance that such a feature will be available again, experienced users either do not exist or are a plague that must be eliminated for the management of Android. I remember an interview a little over ten years ago on Android's strategy, the CEO explained why there was no longer an SDCard since the Nexus one, the only one where there was this port.
"SDcard is too complicated for users to manage", plainly we are donkeys, we have to press ON and use basic without looking any further.
This has been confirmed over the years, no more moving APKs to SD, restricted WiFi management for applications, impossible to manage the Led without root, trying to remove jack port support, forced removal of App permissions third parties little used, more and more constraints for the developers and now the turn of the manufacturers who have less and less freedom.
I was doing 10 times more things with Tasker without root on a 2013 Wiko Cink, it's been totally impossible for many years without root.