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Asus ROG PHONE 5 PRO wifi and hotspot not working after Firmware update

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My phone suddenly restarted and lost WIFI and HOTSPOT capabilities. I believe this is a hardware issue and other too have faced problems because of this. My Phone is out of warranty. 


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Same here... Asus rog 5 ultimate. Suddenly phone restarted and wifi and hotspot stopped working. Just googled to find that this is old issue with Asus phones and they don't bother to have it fixed. They are targeting to introduce this issue just after warranty period gets over. Better reach out to consumer court if ur warranty is over too .

I am doing the same.

Regarding the issue you have reported, please refer to the following FAQ to see if the situation can be resolved.  
If the issue persists, we kindly request you to send your phone for repair to further investigate the matter.
Once you obtain the RMA number, please provide it to me so that I can notify the service center about your case. I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.


Point is why the Asus customers have to go through this hassle of visiting service center to get it fixed?

If this issue was long reported , why is nothing done to roll out a proper motherboard that doesn't face this issue after the warranty is over. As per the trend you are not expecting that every customer face the issue and go visit the service center incurring costs that I clides travel costs as well.

This is really disappointing from a huge brand such as ASUS.

I own ASUS rog laptop as well which works buttery smooth for 3 years now. Why this issue in mobile section and is not being rectified.

Hi, I have Currently submitted the phone to the service center, I hope this is resolved by ASUS without any fuss. I have seen them as a trusted Brand, But also feel that for a faulty product they should have a call back. and accept the mistake. 

Lets hope for the best, If not I will move to the consumer court as well.