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Asus rog 5 finger print and battery issue

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Sir fix all this issue as soon as possible dut this issue is hardware or software

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If I understand correctly, it's not easy to read you!!
The battery problem is fixable by yourself by performing a recalibration.
Test with the calculator .12345+= the proximity sensor, the operation suggested by Asus on another subject should also be effective for this problem of the screen which remains black after the call
"Clear cache files system-wide and then reboot your phone.
Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile manager -> Cleanup"
For the fingerprint reader, a recalibration should also be sufficient, a telephone service center in possession of a calibration kit can do this for you, there is no need to open the phone and it takes 5 minutes.

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Hi I K,
If you have done all the troubleshooting as mentioned.
Request you to visit nearest ASUS service center.