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Asus always thinking bout their pocket only

Star III
My intention of upgrading to ROG 5S is ofcourse of the CPU and GPU improvement but then now I know without aero active cooler you can't set the CPU to the max limit. I know they made that just because of the heat would be generate are too hot but give us a choice ! We do have other useful cooler than the aero active itself .
In my case , I have a black shark fun cooler which do really cool your phone off compared to the Asus aero active cooler and I still can't use the full performance of this phone .
It's like been scam like Tesla did to their customer , pay more 500$ for more top speed 🤣 even though you bought that car and it's officially yours but still need to pay or buy some stuff just to use the full potential.
In games genie , you can set the thermal limit to the max but when you do open your games , then it revert back to medium . What a scam 🤣 Just make a cooler that are actually cooling the phone compared than suck the hot air from the back of the phone which are not really make a difference 😄
I'm already posting my ads for selling this device .
Sorry Asus , really did enjoy a nice 10 years with you.

Rising Star II
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