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Air triggers not functioning

Star I

Have been noticing this for a while now.. my air triggers sometimes does not work, even worse, sometimes it behaves as if it's being constantly pressed while it's not. Have tried resetting clearing storage and cache many times but it doesn't seem to work. I also tried deleting trigger settings but have also failed. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks



Hi @deltaTWOsix 


Have done a complete factory reset of your device? 



Hi Keren,

I have also had this exact same problem.

That seems to be ASUS answer for everything. What's next? "Have you upgraded to the latest version of the ROG phone?". Anyway, I personally did what you all recommended just that only last night. I sacrificed all my apps and documents to follow the advice of doing a factory reset. And as a result. The air triggers are still not working. I had no issues before the latest ASUS software upgrade.

Before I did the factory reset I deleted the armory cache where, temporarily the air triggers worked again, until last night.

As a result. I still have no air triggers. I think it's up to you guys to fix the software.

Star II

I also faced the same issue that air trigger stopped working sometimes i had to toggle it from the quick tiles or open the air trigger settings and close it so that the app starts. Somehow it is getting killed in between.
But never faced the constant pressing issue.


Star II

Interesting how you said that your air triggers behave as of they are constantly being pressed. I found that myself, either that or they behaved as if they are no longer being pressed even while you still trying to automatic fire at your target. All that is of course, is before my air triggers stopped working, period. It's obviously since the latest software upgrade we've all been having problems.