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YES another ROG 3 cracked from inside

Star II
So yeah the story begins last week. No drop what so ever the phone display just started goes into four pieces with violet, black and blue screen in display and then within 2-3 hours the display just gone blank black screen, the display still have the feedback from the touch screen though, the phone can still powered on like usual, then fast forward a few days when im planning to go to asus repairment center I've notice a crack inside the screen.
And guess what the asus service center had to say ? no we dont accept this kind of problem under warranty card. if u want to fix this ph
one u need to pay esimated RP 3.500.000 ( $200+) this is not fixed price though.
So i ve been reading all over other discussion, I ve noticed that other user have this kind of similiar problem, This is a new Phone that just been bought at september last year.
Im gonna go straight to the point here, Asus what are you gonna do about this problem here ? i m kinda feel cheated here, the phone just broke the display it self, the crack on the display is coming from inside the phone.
So Asus what are you gonna do with this problem ? mod can you solve the problem ?


Star II
Well clearly asus is a bad company im not gonna argue with certain someone that tells me that i drop the phone while i know that the screen doesnt get crack from falling.
My prediction why my screen crack is probably from the heat when playing game on the phone
Clearly a bad buy, a bad brand, i think im gonna switch again to phone brand from korea
What intrigue me most is how they advertised the phone for gaming yet such fragile build
Im never gonna buy things from this brand again very very bad brand and waste of money