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Updates on asus are scary af!!!

Rising Star II
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I don't know what they were doing till day tremendously late in every update which is full of bugs ... They said it to be released in 1st half of this year when the world got A12 update last year ... Not a single user can say they did a great job in this update like no bugs no problem ... Coz they never did it .. everyone who updated it to A12 now will downgrade again and wait till you sleepyheads fix them until next year ... Every time y'all push an update the feed is full of people commenting about bugs..
It is a request kindly give us a notification when this rubbish update you pushed gets bug free 🙏.. we all don't have time to backup all our data on some other device every time we update then downgrade then upgrade
PS: severely frustrated customer

Rising Star II
@AMANVerma Bro they don't work with user feedback. Xiaomi and Realme Devs are way better. I don't understand what's the point of giving beta testing phase if the final release is also buggy.

Rising Star II
Yes ... Just 50k shit

Star I
Sir main mobile KO update karna chahata hu.

Rising Star II
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