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Sudden Drop in Battery Capacity

Star I

I have a 2021 purchased Rog3. Over the past 15 days the battery capacity has fallen sharply from 80% to 70%. 

I am using AccuBattery Pro to track the battery health. Anyone else experienced similar phenomenon. Is this a genuine battery issue or something else.

I rarely use fast charge and charge generally from 20% to 80%. 

Screenshot attached herewith for reference

Screenshot_20231210-162201043 (1).jpg



Rising Star I

It also happened to me almost the same day!! sus

Star I

So I went ahead with battery replacement for the phone. The newly replaced battery's capacity is being indicated at 82% in Accubattery Pro. Is this normal. Shouldn't a new battery have a capacity of 90-95% atleast. If not 100%

Hi @kamath_47 


I recommend reaching out to the service center you used for the phone battery replacement. 


You can also make sure that you optimize your settings to preserve battery life.

From where did you purchased battery is still rog phone 3 spare parts like battery, display, charger available in service centre I want to replace battery and purchase charger that too original