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Successful ROG Phone 3 Rollback From A12 to A11 on T-Mobile USA

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In another post @Danishblunt posted the following link (I am too new to post a link but the link is on the following thread) for rollback software (thank you):

Turn autoupdate off

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I tried it and it did rollback. I have the worldwide model of ZS661KS. The first time I had left WiFi on and it immediately started to download A12 and I was unable to turn off auto update (the best I was able to do was pause the download). I then redownload the rollback software and turned off WiFi before installing the rollback software and it successfully rolled back. I was able to go in and turn off auto update after which I turned WiFi on to get the phone working again.
It appears it was a successful rollback. Both Sim cards are working for phone calls and text. I am connected at 5g (speed test showed download speed of about 50mbps in LA area). VOLTE is back and I can choose the option of the second SIM connecting to 4g for phone calls. Because I saw some issues with using the bottom port, I verified I could use my headset.

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Rolling back will delete your data.

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