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Software updates on certain applications

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@Anders_ASUS Tagging you here specifically as I feel you might have the best contacts to the devs.
Could you update the camera app and make it possible for manual mode to also work on ultrawide and the macro cam? currently it only uses the main camera which I feel is a huge missed opportunity as the ultrawide especially is in dire need of manual mode. I am working on a gcam vs ASUS manual mode video (spoiler alert, manual mode destroys gcam) but not having the ability to use manual on ultrawide or macro feels like wasted potential to me. Just make a small button that allows the lens to switch in the manual mode.

Also are there any plans to port the 10band EQ Audiomaxx processing to Rog2 & Rog3? People feel that there is no support for software and that ASUS tries to obsolete their devices as fast as possible, I think this would be a huge step to show that you try. I don't see any reason as to why the 10band audiomaxx shouldnt work on the rog2/3's.


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After checking out the camera it seems this is a hardware limitaion of the 5z. The IMX 363 is fine and dandy however when it comes to the secondary i cannot seem to find any information about it. My theory here is simply the fact that both camera lenses use different API's, which would make a seemless switch in video impossible.

We can investigate this quite easily by using Camera2 API probe on google play, you can use that app to check if the API levels indeed are different. My assumption here is that the main lens probably uses Level 3 while the other one uses legacy or the capabilities tab will give some insight on how the ultrawide doesnt use important things like some sort of processing and has to use different codes to even record a video, which again would make a seemless transition absolutely impossible.

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Ohh thanks for the info & i will check more on that and definetly add it to my knowledge list. 😜 I knew it was a limitation to a sensor but never tried some reasearch on it and so never knew the reason behind.