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@Anders_ASUS Tagging you here specifically as I feel you might have the best contacts to the devs.

Could you update the camera app and make it possible for manual mode to also work on ultrawide and the macro cam? currently it only uses the main camera which I feel is a huge missed opportunity as the ultrawide especially is in dire need of manual mode. I am working on a gcam vs ASUS manual mode video (spoiler alert, manual mode destroys gcam) but not having the ability to use manual on ultrawide or macro feels like wasted potential to me. Just make a small button that allows the lens to switch in the manual mode.

Also are there any plans to port the 10band EQ Audiomaxx processing to Rog2 & Rog3? People feel that there is no support for software and that ASUS tries to obsolete their devices as fast as possible, I think this would be a huge step to show that you try. I don't see any reason as to why the 10band audiomaxx shouldnt work on the rog2/3's.


  • I dont have any intention here to behave like a MOD now as these days everyone are feeling same way if i try to share the truth as my experince which i had with Asus since 2015.

    Now here let me tell you this is requested feature since a years you can say for Zenfones where i and many other users tried to bring camera centric attentions just similar to what you requested here. But answer for it was No, because it is lot of investment & work to make all this happen. And features like this are only considered before the model is released. Adding such features requires lots of testings, where Asus has really less developers & resources for all such things and so. But this will surely change if Someday ASUS will be looked as Samsung or any other bigger leader in the market by buyers & users and this will only happen when they start to gain some profit with there mobile division. Which is still not up to the mark for ASUS till date and so, for now again it is really very hard to implement or play with alredy stable cameras for Gaming phone & hence there will not be any implementations as such. But you never know the future. May be someday all this will change but this will take time.

    You have a nice feature recommendation which i want ASUS to implement it with its flip mechanism but its still a dream to imagine such software with flip. & i wish someday this will come to a reality.

    yes again i say that ASUS is really trying there best with whatever they have to impress the audience, and lets keep wishing that Future will be all good for ASUS mobile division. Which will bring a lot of changes to a brand. And yes definetly everything will change with time.

  • Let me tell you this already, the camera feature I requested is actually relatively simple to implement. It requires no testing whatsoever either.

    Make a button that triggers a camera switch, which you can copy paste from the switch to front camera button on auto mode, link it to the ID's of the ultrawide and macro, modify the code slightly with some if statements, put that button in the UI of the manual mode, there, 10-20mins work, finished, 1 programmer needed.

    As for the porting of the audiomaxx, not entirely sure how that would go down, but it shouldnt be a huge problem i'd imagine, unless there is some seriously dumb checking for very very specific hardware and such, then it gets a pain in the ass, however even that is very doable for ASUS, even with their small team.

    I'm not requesting an entirely new feature, I'm literally just requesting a feature that already exists just very slightly modified to be put into the layout of the manual mode.

    That being said turns out it already has the switching of the lenses in manual mode, it just for some reasons didn't show up, after clearing data and cache of the camera app, the icons appeared again, however its only for main lens and ultrawide, I would love them to add another button for the macro lens. This is literally just copy paste a button, change icon, link to another ID, I mean seriously this is even less work than what I wanted before 🤣

    I don't know what you requested before, but the camera app honestly seems pretty much to contain every single feature you'd want, not sure what else you would want from it aside from very minor things like the macro camera being linked in manual, bitrate selection on video recording and thats maybe it.

  • Ohh you mean you just need seperate manual video recording buttons implementation for every lense. Or you are talking about same like me the simultaneous use of lenses in one single shot by switching lenses in manual mode? Does ROG alredy have this feature with its software?

    I dont know what ROG has it in its camera UI with manual modes and so i am bit confused now.

    And here what i meant was and asked to ASUS, is for flawless switching of lenses during video recording just like iphones. Instead of 3 seperate video recordings for 3 lenses. i feel lense should have capabality to switch during a single shot without interuption. Which will be helpful to use camera hardware to its fullest & work very smoothly in a single take. I use Zenfone 5z and and i miss out this discribed feature. I dont know if they have cosiderd it with there later models which came after 5z?

    If ROG and later models have it after 5z than its great!

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    Careful there you may get abused for asking for updates by the forum police or are they their children hmmmm

  • For your seemless transition request of lenses iin one single video , yes we rog 3 users can do it between wide and ultrawide, but only in HD , FULL HD , FULL HD 60

    In 4k we have to select one lense before we start shooting and ultrawide dont support 4k60 and 8k so only one choice there its primary only

  • This is so nice to see that they have finally implemented this requested feature with future models.

    Thanks for the useful information. i discussed so many times with Mods about same but i was never informed about this implementation, & now i am happy that they did it.

    Now this is also one of a Good reason that i will look forward to continoue my long journey with ASUS with my future buy its so early to say but definetly it will be Zenfone 9.😉.

    I hope they will evolve more on camera softwares & hardware, With coming future.

  • I'm quite sure they use the same software accross all ASUS phones so you should be able to switch as well, however its important you do not use high resolutions as some lenses simply cannot do stuff like 4k60fps, hence it wont as saiffudin was talking about it, it cannot switch.

    I'm quite sure this feature always has existed you simply didnt know about the limitations of some lenses.

  • This is not present on older models as i told i am Zenfone 5z user with Android 10 on top of ZENUI 6, also i own many other Zenfones launched until 5z. Case is same there too. I cant use this options with normal ASUS camera app as well as same goes with UNICAM/Gcam. (cant switch lenses).

    So, i dont know when they have implemented it.

  • After checking out the camera it seems this is a hardware limitaion of the 5z. The IMX 363 is fine and dandy however when it comes to the secondary i cannot seem to find any information about it. My theory here is simply the fact that both camera lenses use different API's, which would make a seemless switch in video impossible.

    We can investigate this quite easily by using Camera2 API probe on google play, you can use that app to check if the API levels indeed are different. My assumption here is that the main lens probably uses Level 3 while the other one uses legacy or the capabilities tab will give some insight on how the ultrawide doesnt use important things like some sort of processing and has to use different codes to even record a video, which again would make a seemless transition absolutely impossible.

  • Ohh thanks for the info & i will check more on that and definetly add it to my knowledge list. 😜 I knew it was a limitation to a sensor but never tried some reasearch on it and so never knew the reason behind.


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