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Second POST: Previous issues still persists and new ones are in place after latest update

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG phone 3
Firmware Version: 18.0410.2109.172
Rooted or not: Nope
Frequency of Occurrence: RBG notifications issue; Intermittently, works fine after turning phone on, but issue is consistent overtime after phone is unattended (locked)
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): See description details
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screen-shot, etc.
First of all, I appreciate that issues like GPS/proximity sensor and Screen Flickering were fixed quickly, I also appreciate that the battery has been optimised. Well done; that's the approach I'd expect, clap clap 👏 for you guys, cheers!
Now moving on to the previous topics.
I'm creating this one to consolidate the issues with latest update since my original posts were closed having the issues still present and considering that I'm very detailed describing issues (because I work in software development/consultancy 😁) here you are:
RGB back LED Aura lighting
Update from the above, I'd say this isn't about Android being Android, that's an unfortunate comment from which it isn't expected for a phone with these characteristics. Behaviour about this suggests that the issue is in the Armoury Crate app, now the original behaviour reported is less present in terms of occurrences (but present in the end), and now the behaviour is that notifications are having issues with sounds, sometimes the notifications are fine producing the proper alert sound, but the RGB back LED doesn't turn on, same with the notification LED at the front. The only way to workaround it is by pressing the on/off button to wake up the screen; then when the screen is off, the RBG back LED starts working as expected. Therefore, strange behaviour around these lines.
Previous issue still persists and new ones are in place after latest update
1 - Scheduled charging is not working: SOLVED, the workaround is to clear the app cache.
2 - Weather application doesn't refresh automatically: Partially solved, Workaround: If you would like to solve this, I'd say that you need to select a pivot city as current location, then add cities of your interest in the list. As per widget, you can add any city except current location one and it's going to refresh as per your settings, i.e. 30 mins, 1 hour, etc.
3 - Call reception is getting worse: This seems to be improved. If you've got this issue, feel free to comment.
4 - Headphones disconnect automatically: I haven't seen this issue lately, therefore I'd say that it's solved. But again feel free to comment otherwise
4.1 - Headphones stop the music automatically: Same as above.
5 - I'm having that (swipe up) arrow at the bottom centre part of the screen, which appears after doing that action to see all apps. It doesn't go away after doing that several times. The workaround is to open a group of applications(folder), then come back to the home screen, where the arrow goes away. Not a biggy for me I'd say, but yes it's probably an easy fix. arrow.jpeg
6 - Finger print sensor doesn't work after some time: When the phone is unattended for a long time, the sensor doesn't work, then the phone asks you for the other default way to unlock the phone, pattern in my case. Around those lines, not sure if this is by design, but the sensor doesn't work when you turn on the phone, so the only way to unlock it (in my case) is by using the pattern.
7 - Asus audio recorder stops working when you lock the phone.
Steps: Locking the phone
Record a new audio
Lock your screen
Unlock the phone
See that the Audio recorder has saved the new recording when you did step 2
Workaround: Clear cache
Steps: Changing apps
Record a new audio
Go to another application
See that the Audio recorder has saved the new recording when you did step 2 (this is intermittent, still investigating why this is happening)

That's all for now. Thanks 🤙

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Posting again to avoid losing the thread ⬆️

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@Gustav_ASUS please fix issue