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Screen recording issue after .172 update

Rising Star II
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1. Rog phone 3
2. 18.0410.2109.172
3. Not
4. Often
5. Phone's screen recorder

Screen recorder randomly stopped after .172 update..
And there is no notification after recording ended..
Before this, every time i stop recording, there is notification shown on top of screen with options to view, edit or delete..
Now i must scroll my notification bar to see that options..

And it took times to stop recording..
I end my record, but when i scroll my notification bar, there is nothing about screen recorder..
But when i swipe game genie, the screen recorder button is still red as if it still recording..
After few seconds it finally blacked, and i checked recording result is stop as same as when i end my record..

Sorry if my explanation is kinda hard to understand..

Rising Star II
Now my 8 minutes worth of story record is corrupted..
Recording suddenly stopped on its own, n when i check record file is only black screen with sound, and duration is 24+ hours? 😑

And for my 2nd recording today, i can get 26 minutes before it stopped with storage full notification..
But when i check my storage, i still have 3gb, yet storage full icon is still on status bar..
I dont get to screenshot, because that icon is dissappeared..

Rising Star II
Corrupted again