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Rog phone 3 Internal crack display

Star II
Almost 4months ago i had purchased Asus rog phone 3 even ignored lots of prev. Discussion on internal crack issue with rog phone series.. last late night march 23 just put my rog phone 3 aside to sleep in morning when i awaked tried unlock my rog ph3 as usual but this time a blue vertical bar shown along right side of display then whole screen got black.i was shoked this behaviour realised some serious issue with phone tried to switch off but not succeed. Nxt morning went service centre 70km apart from my place.after reached the 2men and a cashier girl took my phone andafter 5 mints they told its internal crack in my display and not be covered in phone warranty. Ihave to pay 14000 indian rs some whatnearly 200$.. i was shoked they show me small hair size line crack . everything shoking for me with such heafty fees nonsense i just put down my phone(no repairs) as it condition felt cheated by asus.. because no single scratch on front or back side of glass then how internal crack issued as physical damage.
there is no single scratch to say it is a physical damage how asus cheat their customers like this.very disoppointed with asus rather than replace the display about 200$.there is plenty mid ranger available so far to purchase .I'm gonna dump my rog phone 3.😣😣

Rising Star II
I have the phone from 6 months and even survived to some falls with 0 damage, you did something to it without noticing probably, but rog 3 crack display is very uncommon

Star II
Iam also facing this , A very minor crack inside of display,no damage to exterior, in just 3 months my phone display become black. My phone is repaired. But its still under some confusion (customer care saying its repaired under warrenty and service center said I have to pay for display panel which cost around 13000rs)service center even took 50% money in advance from me.
This whole issue is now under Asus officials investigation.
Check my post maybe it will help you regarding repair .I submitted my phone on 13 march 2021.