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2days ago my rog 3 started fading out colour from top side. After the night 15% of the display went black. I don't know what is causing it. After throughly inspection I saw a very minor crack inside the display, yes no dmg on glass or phone body,no physical dmg to see I never dropped my phone . Today 50%(top half) of the display is black. The rog 3 phone is still working 100% , Tuch is working as usual, fingerprint scanner working and the phone have no issues just the display fading out it's colour day by day.i am using it in one-handed mode.

If the black screen keep spreading then I have to go for a replacement for phone is just 3 months old . Will it be covered under warranty.


  • Yes it should get covered under warrenty if repair centre finds that it has no CID(customer induced damage) so visit nearest repair centre AEAP

    Note:- Before visiting repair centre do not forget to backup your important data before you submit your device.


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    After this incident I have seen lots of thread on internet about customers reporting fragile screen panel of the rog series smartphone . Many reports coming from around the world , customers are unhappy about the product quality (durability) .

  • Yes most of ROG 2/1 series was suffering this screen issues alot and i am seeing you as a first user from ROG 3 reporting similar problem like its older generations so basically they may have improved with display cracking issue as there are very less complains of screen cracking reports with ROG 3 but you may be the unlucky one to get this defect.

  • Hi ROCI,

    Kindly visit the nearest service center:

    Let me know if any issues.

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    Last Friday I submitted my rog 3 to the service center in my city . Center boy said that because of physical damage phone screen is becoming black and it needs a replacement which not covered under warranty.

    I agreed and submit my Asus rog phone 3 at same day. They told me the repair will take 3 days . I have to live 3 day without phone.

    Today(after 5 days) I call them and now they are saying that the display panel didn't picked up from factory , and it's still not repaired. I dont know what they are talking about.

    Pls help !!!

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    That is the part (the display) not arriving for the service centre to replace your display.

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, it might take longer than usual to get hold of new parts for repair issues. If you haven't heard anything from the service center by the end of this week, mention me or @ARP_ASUS in this thread.

  • I guess ur device display will turn completely black sooner.

    Go to the nearest Service center, it will take almost one month to get ur device back.

  • I had a same issue, got replaced display free of cost and one month warranty extended too for one month delayed repair period.

  • ROCIROCI Level 1



    still no response from service center .

    i submitted my phone on 13 march 2021

  • That seems shady. While the display is physically damaged, the damage was mainly caused by the fact that the display was not properly mounted from the factory, you should not have to pay a single dime for a replacement.

    It can take weeks for them to replace the panel depending on where you live.

  • that's a sign that you should immediately upgrade your cellphone to rog V.

  • I agree with @Danishblunt , if it cracked within that should not be user fault. Did you take photo to proof no cracks in the exterior?

  • @ROCI Sorry for the late reply! Have you gotten your device back from service yet? 🙂

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    Yes I have photos of exterior.

    Now the repair has been done.

    1. Phone was sent to chennai for the repair. Service center boy said I have to pay for the display.battery board changed under warrenty. center took 50% advance for display comb(6000rs). total cost around 13000rs.

    2. And yesterday I call customer service no. To know when i will recieve my rog 3 And the executive said your mobile repaired under warrenty and it will be at your service center soon. he even said that my phone display and battery was changed under warrenty.At the customer care call they tried to make conference call to my service center to ask why they took 6000 rs from me in advance but call didn't reach.

    I don't know who is saying truth . I have registered a complain to Asus official website.

    Moderator pls help !!!



  • @ROCI Check your inbox for a PM from me. 🙂

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    Hi ROCI

    I am Christine from ASUS, in charge of service cases. I just sent you a message for information confirmation including personal information.

    Besides, based on the record, I saw that the system had informed you to pick up your device on 27th March. Have you received the message?

    Please check your inbox and PM me back. Thank in advance.

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    Phone is now working like brand new.but

    Today service center call me and said that they will refund me 13000rs and take the replaced screen panel because I raised a complaint after that they will forward my phone to repair in different service center where it will be repaired without warrenty. They warn me that in that past scenario if they hadnot change the screen panel and directly forwarded the job then asus company would charge hefty amount for repair ( screen panel 13000 + battery board around 15000).And make this whole replacement without warrenty bec of damage.Nobody will spare 30000rs in just 3months of a phone purchase date! for God knows how the minor crack come inside display (factory assembly issue or not).

    I would like to rest my case,Thanks for your efforts.

    I am happy with the purchase.

    Thank you.

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