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ROG III Phone Motherboard Unreliable

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ROG III 8GB/256GB
Firmware Version: Uknown
Serial #: L7AIKN07X545DKM
Rooted or not: NO
Frequency of Occurrence: 2X , EVERY 7 months.
Purchased date: Sep 9,2020
Issue: Motherboard replacement with casual usage
1st instance of mother board issue - April 30,2021, sudden screen black out. Motherboard was replaced(within warranty)
2nd instance: May 1,2022 ,sudden SIM undetected/restart every minute.
According to ASUS recognized service center- need to replace motherboard, Cost 41,100php. Due to out of warranty
I purchased it at 43,000php in September 2020 which is just less than 2 yrs
CASUAL usuage for messenger,youtube, netflix.
I am very disappointed how fragile it was despite the marketing and branding as top of the line. Error just appeared without fall or during charging or being wet..Then i felt i am being ripped off.


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Yes the new one has happened to me though i haven't brought it to an asus service center with your story i think i would just change phones or wait for a new update if it is not from the hardware

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