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rog 3 volte not functioning after update android 12 (31.0210.0210.230) not rooted

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I'm having the same issue. Bone stock rog phone 3. updated last night and now I can't make phone calls.

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I have some new info. So At&t says that the phone forces voice over 3g? and VoLTE is a work around to allow voice over the LTE network. and the phone does not support native LTE talk. I was under the impression that LTE voice was supported on the phone. Additionally 5G didnt work on the phone initially but we put an iPhone provisioned sim in the phone and 5G data worked however voice still did not. does the phone support higher than 3g voice or is the documentation incorrect?

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Same issue here at Malaysia. Once update to Android 12 voLTE function was disappear. Telco using Maxis

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Worthless, Asus has boned it this time. releasing android and disabling volte so customers with service that requires it cannot make or receive calls. on top of that the instructions to revert to android 11 are wrong and if you follow them will lose all your cloud backups (5 years all gone btw) and the moment i got into android 11 after the backport it just re-installed android 12 immediately. so i just got a 4 day runaround with a 5 year data loss and still have a device i cannot use. +1 Asus. and when I contacted support i got the ole "sorry we cannot do anything for you". I remember when the company used to support and stand by their products. i guess we live in different times. good luck to anyone else with this phone. and to think I was eyeballing the rog phone 6