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ROG 3 version 31.0210.0210.303 wifi and hotspot not turning on

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Model Name: ROG 3
Android version 12

Firmware Version: version WW31.0210.0210.303
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on


I have read posts with same problem and it points out to replacing motherboard. but since their version is not the same as what is with mine, I believe its not a motherboard problem. Other resources have encountered this from rog phone 5 too. could you please help me check for a solution for these problems?






hello hllsynotebook,

my apologies but I dont have the zip file for .303 since the update that I had was via auto update

I understand Can you help me. My phone is tencent version but ww software is installed. There is no automatic update. How can I auto-update without a zip file? 

You will never get .303 zip until Asus officially releases it to their website.

So stop begging for file and wait for Asus to release the update.

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Can Someone confirm, that the Downgrade from .303 to .272 actually fixed the Wifi problem? 

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Good news everyone! 

The new update .309 fixes the wifi issue.