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ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name:ROG
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not:not
Frequency of Occurrence:QKQ1.200419.002. WW_Phone-17.0823.2007.25
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):netflix,amazon prime india ,youtube(little bit)
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
I have brought device August 12 ,2020 through flipkart first sale at 6auhust. I was very happy until i open netflix ,it has vert bad black crush issue even at full brightness ,in 50pecent brightness colour washed out heavy black crush issue is this hardware or software issue??anyway im just gonna refund ....but i asked some of YouTubers they have none issue ,but for fellow customers only have this😓. I decided to live with this but some of units have no issue why i wanna live with this issue for years so i try to get refund and but 12gb varient.
In YouTube crush issue is little low when compared to netflix and amazon prime ,rather than that this dev is beast 😍
I have noticed heat in aero active coller side(40°to43°) always while playing pupg at 90hz,balanced,extream . although I'm staying in AC room 22°c all time!


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I have tweeted to pixelworks regarding the issue and would like to request for ppl who are facing display issues to spread as much as possible so that they fix it ASAP.. Now let's see what we get In Response

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After paying so much for so called flagship phone I can't go asking someone on Twitter to do their job. First off all it was Asus fault for hurrying up the release without clearly fixing bugs and issues.

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Lmao imagine being so butt hurt that you want to physical harm someone over the internet,smh
@nightmaster552 @botboy444 and me are not paid actors or users btw just to clear some things out

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Dude i know you are getting paid to do so just please let us talk.

figuring out is pretty easy

  1. your account was made in Sept 2020 and u are already level 3 which is needed to post link and stuff
  2. you have commented on most posts only regarding rog 3
  3. you don't even own a rog 3 you are just defending the company
  4. I have only seen 3 people by far with a profile pic. Andres the moderator, Avren who was also defending asus no matter what and now you.

The pattern is very simple took me hardly any time to understand so i request you to go tell ASUS to fix our damn phones rather than hiring trolls to fight


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Hi there I can see you're not acquainted with the forum rules,any level 2+ member can set a display picture for their id
There used to be an older zentalk app before this forum which was disbanded in 2019, nevertheless I was one of the first wave of users to join this new forum
And I'll be blunt here I don't own a Rog,see my beta tester tag there it's for the Zenfone
I sometimes hop onto some Rog threads to answer some basic/global questions that's about it having replied to a couple of people in thread
This specific thread is more of a rant and personal attack space right now nothing productive will come out of it.
And one more thing it's an "forum" forums attract the enthusiasts for an device/oem or people looking for device related help.
Now coming to the hot topic of black crush it's true that rog 3 has it and it's been rather reported by multiple community members here but the fact that this is the fate of almost all OEM forums this year is also true.
I'm an android enthusiast and can say by looking at all the reddit posts on r/android and personal manufacturer groups on telegram that black crush,tint, display artifacts,image retention have been a constant complain by all device owners this year,can't say for sure if this is this due to the increasing refresh rates, calibration issue by an OEM or third party (pixelworks) or something else.
Samsung does fare a little better than other OEMs in terms of calibration but again their users have voiced similar complains on sam mobile (their forums) and OnePlus 8 pro which uses an samsung made display panel was plagued with issues too. (Rog 3 doesn't use an samsung panel not sure which vendor it's from)
Coming back to Asus let's see what their response has been to this issue
~ people report issue on zentalk
~ mods say black crush will be improved in future OTAs multiple time on zentalk both in this thread and others
~ in a future ota the changelog mentions "improved black crush"
~ the change actually introduces some grayscale changes and a "filter" over the display to reduce black crush
This move wasn't appreciated by many and people here asked for the filter to be removed and everything to be set to default
~ in the recent ota "greyscale" was improved which basically removed the filter as far as I can tell by judging the comments here (some apps still retain it tho)
And again some people prefer this way and some with the filter
Mods still say "display calibration will be optimised more"
At this point can't say what Asus will do next but their response was rather better than what other OEMs did
Plus if you google "Rog 3 black crush" it'll show many posts about the ota which fixed it same with many other phones it won't mention the actual case so research more before claiming that X phone is better than Y phone, google results and OEM answers in this regard to this issue has been full of contradictions this year some claimed it's an software issue and then again reverted their statement to "hardware characteristic of OLED"
The grass always looks greener on the other side
As a matter of fact kirisakura kernel dev who got both Rog 3 and OnePlus 8pro under developer program compared both phones and display uniformity was better on Rog

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And your argument about people getting "paid" to have different views is cringe not gonna lie