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Random failure to charge issue, makes travelling with rog3 scary

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Dear Asus,
I have been using the phone since about 2 months now. Randomly at times the phone fail to charge with the original charger(have not tried with another charger). Reconnecting wires , replugging etc repeatedly for about 5 minutes has again got the phone charging till now luckily. Even worse issue is sometimes phone will start charging when we plug in , but will later stop charging itself and during morning we will get a phone with no charge. I had a glimpse of the issue on the day 1 of my purchase itself. I have had this issue from firmware .58 to current .112. As it's pandemic times now, I don't do much travel. But travelling with rog3 as my only phone seems scary due to this charging issue.

This issue has been reported by several members in the forum and Asus reps have provided them with some apk fix over pm. Please be transparent and make the details about the issue and fix available to all of us customers. This will help in restoring our trust in the device.

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Hi DrTux,
The current fix is through Apk which is working quite well.
We are currently monitoring the cases.

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Thanks @ARP_ASUS for the reply.
Please make the issue and fix public. Transparency will be appreciated a lot by customers.
I am often having this issue, would like the fix apk to be available publicly. Only a public fix will be helpful to many customers as a failure to charge will limit their Ability to communicate here.


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I am experiencing the same stop/start charging with my ASUS-X00ID running Android 8.1.0.
Please can I have the apk mentioned above which fixes the problem.